Care Homes Investment

Care homes offer excellent defensive qualities and steady cash flows, which have attracted a lot of interest from private equity and pension funds. Investing in individual rooms within a care home allows individuals to capitalise on this lucrative new asset class at an affordable level. The concept is based on the popular hotel room investment model and we are delighted to offer the first of these exciting projects in this new asset class.


Demand for care homes is rapidly growing as the UK has an ageing population, confirmed by Government reports confirming that the life expectancy of individuals in the UK is increasing, which has risen by 4.8 years in the last 20 years. During the next 20 years life expectancy is expected to increase by an additional 6 years.


The Office of National Statistics projects the population over the age of 85 will triple by 2081 to 7 million. On the basis that 40% of people within this group require residential care, 800,000 care home rooms will be required over the next 20 years, more than double the existing number of rooms in the UK.


These properties offer an excellent alternative to the traditional buy-to-let investment and are a fully managed investment opportunity, with excellent returns and capital appreciation.


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Why Care Homes?

Care Homes Investment